Sapphira is an intelligent, talented, special girl with a loving heart who deserves the help of a service companion that can make her feel safe through some very difficult moments in her life. If you can help, even with just a few dollars towards this goal, Sapphira, her parents and family, and would be so grateful.

It is so hard to explain the difference in her life that her adoptive family has made. This little girl has made great strides, especially in the past few years. She sings, dances, is on a cheer squad, and loves her family. Please click anywhere on the box to the left, watch the video, then click then donate button and offer whatever you can afford.

Even if you can't help by donating, please share this post on social media at least a few times. Even that will help if it results in just one more donation.

I know that you probably see something like this so often, but sometimes you just have to pony up and make a difference in a child's life. The reward comes in the form of a better world for all us, not just the one individual and I can promise, the good feeling in your heart will more than make up for the donation.

Thank you so much and I pray for God's blessing upon you.