Michael Williams

MJ Logan the writer and authorPhone scammers and telemarketers have forced me to remove my number from the website.

Generally speaking, we make our first contact through email to establish communication. I'll answer questions, set up phone calls, Skype calls, and Skype messages. I don't use Messenger or Plain Text messages for business.

Use the "Write Me a Note" form below to email me. I try to respond within 24 hours, although on weekdays during work hours, it's likely sooner. If I'm very busy, it could take a little longer.

I do not accept solicitations for donations of any kind via email.

I'm active on Facebook in a few writing groups and personal interest groups.

I have a Twitter account—don't expect to see much of me there.

Linked In. Lately, new requests for connections result in spam. I'm about done with it.